Ales Cap

Consultant   UK

Ales Cap

Ales is a consultant with passion for combining empirical insights and expertise with a creative approach to problem-solving.​ 

Prior to joining Q5, Ales graduated with a Distinction in MSc Organisational Psychology from UCL. His background spans research projects conducted in both private and public sector, with some examples being: morality and psychological differences amongst liberal and conservative voters; moral reframing and communication of environmental policies across the political spectrum; the role of work purpose and prosocial impacts on motivation, or gender pay gap and its solutions in the public sector.Ales has also gained professional experience in business development, communications, and retail marketing. 

Since joining Q5, Ales has worked on OD and Portfolio Management projects, predominantly within the UK public sector. Previous clients include HMRC, the Home Office or BSI. 

Outside of work, Ales has a perhaps unhealthy obsession with discovering new music, spending most of his spare time collecting records and DJing at London radios and venues.