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A-Z of Q5

A handy list of some of the things we do (and some we don't)


Advisory - The provision of strategic and operational advice to senior leaders to help address their business issues

Analytics - Studying data to search for trends or patterns and subsequently formulate recommendations 

Assessments - Evaluating talent at an organization and tracking their development needs, but can include a range of other factors


Benchmarking - The assessment of performance, size, shape and core activities of organizations, functions and disciplines

Blueprinting - The development of a high-level vision and structural template for a new organization or function that can then be developed in more detail

Board development - Supporting boards and senior teams as they seek to address strategic issues and develop their capability as a team

Business process re-engineering - The review and re-design of core processes to improve performance, reduce costs, etc


Change - The essential transformation of a business; its structures, processes, procedures, capabilities, behaviour and resources to improve results

Change management - The process of overseeing transformational change at a business and ensuring the project is a success

Communication and involvement - Ensuring that everyone at an organization buys into the strategic change and comes along on the journey. It can be the difference between success and failure of such a project

Confidante - At Q5 we act as counsel to our clients to enable them to bounce any ideas and issues off us. We are a 'sounding board' for leaders

Cost reduction - Working to identify and reduce costs, leaving the organization able to do more for less

Culture change - Helping organizations to develop behavior and ways of working to improve their performance, and make sure those changes are embedded in their DNA


Delivering capability -  Helping organizations to deliver the capability and behavior that will drive their future success

Development - Developing bespoke strategies that focus on the business needs of our clients

Digital transformation - Expert advisory on how our clients' businesses can develop a digital strategy and ways of working


Employee engagement - Activities to capture the hearts and minds of your people to increase their commitment and contribution to the firm

Energy & Utilities - One of the core sectors we serve and one in which we have built vast experience


Facilitation - Providing expert management and coaching that breaks through entrenched views, politics and obstacles and delivers the objectives our clients want

Financial services - One of the core sectors we serve and one in which we have built vast experience


Group facilitation - As with Facilitation, bringing together people with different views to shape the right direction for a company


Headcount modelling - Creating models for staff and enabling scenario testing around strategic options; essential in OD projects

HR consultancy - Providing support in all areas of the business concerning its people, including performance and talent management, reward and remuneration


Implementation management - Ensuring that the implementation of change programs is delivered effectively and successfully

Infrastructure & Services - One of the core sectors we serve and one in which we have built vast experience

Interim placement - Providing highly-capable individuals for specific, time-bound roles within organizations


Journey management - A mechanism and approach for managing change programs to ensure that they deliver the desired results


KPIs and measures - The creation of key indicators that are used to assess performance and influence performance behavior


Leadership programs - Bespoke development programs aimed at enhancing leaders' individual and team performance

Learning transformation - Getting the right skills, at the right time, in the right place

Luxury Retailers - One of the core sectors we serve and one in which we have built vast experience


Media, Entertainment & Digital - One of the core sectors we serve and one in which we have built vast experience

Merger and Acquisition; rightsizing - Helping organizations to get the most value out of a new integrated structure following a merger or a takeover

Modelling, financial, business case - Creating flexible spreadsheet models to enable assessments of business cases and scenario testing


Networking events - Get-togethers where you can meet, mix with and share ideas with different people, companies and backgrounds

New York - the home of Q5’s US operation


ODHQ - Leading digital authority on organization design and change management

Office of the CEO - Discrete special projects for chief executives

Operating model design - The conceptual design of how an organization should be structured to deliver the best results to its key stakeholders

Organisation design - The shaping and sizing of an organization's functions and resources for greater effectiveness and efficiency


People - Engaging and developing the people in your organization

Process mapping and re-design - Reviewing whether core processes are 'fit for future purpose' and if not, overseeing their subsequent re-design 

Program delivery and change - Guiding you through the delivery of digital technologies and business change initiatives

Project and program management - Ensuring that projects and programs are delivered to time, to budget and to expectations

Performance management - Setting, monitoring and measuring organization, team and individual performance to drive improvements


Q5 breakfast meetings - We regularly bring clients and contacts together to discuss key issues affecting their industries as well as issues such as organization design and performance


Restructuring - The practice of re-designing an organization's structure to improve how it operates and what it does

Retail and Consumer Goods - One of the core sectors we serve and one in which we have built vast experience


Scans and health checker - Facilitated workshops, usually with a cross-section of people from the operation, that identify organizational issues dragging on performance

Strategic facilitation - Facilitated sessions focusing on the strategic agenda, helping to assess options and agree what path to take

Strategy - The plans an organization draws up to ensure it heads in the desired direction

Structural reviews - Analysing the size and shape of your business to see if change is needed

Structural work - Changing the size shape and skills of your business or a department to maximize its performance


Talent management - The identification, assessment, management and development of your people resource to drive performance

Target operating model (TOM) - The macro-level design of your new model, which articulates the new ways of organizing what you do and how you do it 

Training - The provision of support to build the capability of your people


Umbrella change programs - Managing multiple change programs under one governance structure, to ensure effective delivery


Vision and values sessions - Facilitated sessions to help organizations identify their vision for the future and the values that underpin what they want to be


Workshops - Facilitated sessions with set agendas to resolve issues, develop new ideas, confirm activities and develop capability


X-rays - Not a service we offer


Yachting - No, we don't do this


Zorbing – No we don't do this either (yet)...