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What we do


Media, Technology & Sport

New business models are being rapidly created to adapt to the digital age.  At a time when loyalty is rare among audiences, how do companies secure their existing customers and reach new ones?  We work with sporting bodies, media businesses and entertainment and technology partners to become more efficient, agile and effective.

Proud to work with... a selection of our clients in this sector:

Public Sector, Not for Profit, Charity & Higher Education

The public sector is being squeezed from all sides: budget cuts with the introduction of austerity policies, rising costs and customers who expect better services and ever more innovation. Charities and higher education institutions are evaluating their business models at a time when their traditional funding streams are increasingly threatened.

We help these groups to improve their governance, streamline their organizational structures to make them more efficient and make sure they are doing the best possible job for those they support.

Proud to work with... a selection of our clients in this sector:

Retail & Consumer Goods

In a sector that is constantly evolving, chief executives at the major retailers face disruption from all quarters. They have to deal with shifts in consumer spending, small and nimble retail start-ups providing competition along with the traditional rivalries at home and from abroad, and the need to shift their business to become ever more digitally focused.

Proud to work with... a selection of our clients in this sector:

Infrastructure & Resources

From planes, trains and automobiles to the companies that power them and the plants that put them together, this sector is hugely diverse. Our specialists have worked with a range of businesses from those that make x-ray machines for airports, to energy and utilities businesses  that are facing huge technological and environmental change. We can help your teams not just survive these challenges but transform into businesses that will grow and prosper in such an environment.

Proud to work with... a selection of our clients in this sector:

Financial Services

Over the past decade, the financial sector has gone through seismic change.  The structure of the business has changed and regulations have been beefed up.  As well as changing to meet these new regulatory requirements, financial institutions also face competition from challenger brands and are looking to technology to open up new avenues. We support clients across banking, insurance, capital markets and investment management to adapt to these challenges and make sure their performance is at its best.

Proud to work with... a selection of our clients in this sector:


Whatever your business needs, we are here to support you. Whether you want to create a new strategy or transform the size, shape and skills of your operation. From streamlining your business and making sure it's primed for growth to introducing new ways of working as well as engaging and developing your people, we can help.


Set the right direction.

We help our clients to think big and unlock their full potential. It is about creating strategies that are clear, effective, and deliver results. 

Organization design. 

We help clients design an effective, streamlined structure that is scalable to support their future ambitions. Our approach to organization design is different for each client and puts them at the heart of the process. We provide expertise, intelligence and rigor; clients have described our methods and OD toolkit as: "The best around".

Efficient and value adding.

We help clients to identify and improve the processes that are crucial to their success and we will not churn out a mountain of process-map paperwork - which are too often left gathering dust on a shelf - to do it. We work with our clients to draw up clear lines of responsibility and ownership within their organizations to ensure it is as efficient as possible. 

Engaged, aligned and motivated.

We help clients to inspire their people to fully understand and connect with their roles in a new way - to think differently, behave differently and deliver results. We bring experience of what we have seen work, what doesn’t work and we always listen to what is going on in their organization. We do not come with any preconceived ideas about what will work.

Make it stick.

We support our clients in managing change to their advantage; to understand what it feels like to experience change and build the skills they need internally. We give clients the tools to shape, plan, communicate and monitor activities to make the change stick.