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'Pop-Up' Consulting

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to direct our unique purpose and expertise to charities and small-medium sized businesses who need it most.

We recognise the pandemic is causing significant disruption to businesses, ways of working and the wellbeing of team members.  We feel it too. We also know that the uncertainty around how long this will last is undoubtedly causing stress and nervousness around what the future holds. Organisations all around us are asking themselves how they can continue to look after their people, customers and business partners through these unprecedented times.

That’s why, since the end of March, we have been working with Ahead Partnership to trial a new initiative called Pop-up Consulting: a pro bono 1-2 day intervention that supports small to medium-sized businesses and charities, who would welcome some help, but cannot afford consulting support.  

We are offering this service to ‘beneficiaries’ – possibly the wrong word, but better than ‘client’ - because we are not working at full capacity at the moment. So far, these sessions have been a huge success across all of our office locations; not just for the organisations we have supported, but for our team of consultants, who have been able to stay engaged, energised, mentally-alert and give-back during these difficult times.  

In recent weeks, our firm has been asked by one or two larger corporations whether we would be support them on a pro bono basis, as a ‘gesture of goodwill.’ However, we feel this is inappropriate. 

We believe that Pop-Up Consulting is a much more purposeful use of our team’s time.   

How we will support you:

  1. Working virtually, two Q5 Consultants will support leaders of charities and SME-sized businesses who are confronting commercial and structural challenges to their businesses
  2. Using an accelerated, focused method, Q5 will help you tackle the specific issue you need to address (e.g. current impact to your business vs. future post-crisis re-emergence strategy and how to build resilience for the future)
  3. Q5 will support you to identify the potential options for recovery
  4. Together, we will create an action plan to take forward

As part of this work, all we ask in return is a ‘shout out’ on social media channels once the work is complete (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), tagging the Q5ers who worked with you and Ahead Partnership, and permission to reference supporting your specific organisations (without divulging anything about the topic matter).

Some of our projects so far:


Pizza Pilgrims: We looked at ways they could take their training academy online and helped them develop an action plan to take the ideas forward. Click here to read what they said about the session


Hope for Justice: We explored the different avenues for growth now and in the future and developed an action plan to kick start the initiatives. Click here to read what they said about the session


Comtec: We explored what the potential opportunities are in existing and new market segments given the current climate​. Together, we developed a good spread of ideas to take away and test further with their Leadership Team. Click here to read what they said about the session


Policy in Practice: Using our High Performing Teams model, we explored where the team were now, exploring behaviours and effectiveness to identify what was needed to deliver higher performance in the future. Click here to read what they said about the session

If you are connected to a smaller business or not-for-profit that might be interested, please get in touch by emailing: and we will set up a call to discuss further. Please note that businesses will be picked on a first-come-first-served basis.

About Ahead Partnership

Ahead Partnership is a charity that has been connecting employers with education, public and private sector partners, using partnership as an engine for social and economic change for over a decade. They create bespoke, impactful services and so far, Ahead Partnership have engaged with 218, 968 young people, worked with 536 schools and learning providers, delivered with 17,472 business volunteers and partnered with 1,804 businesses and employers.

In 2017, Ahead Partnership were recognised as a #CECWhatWorks programme by the government-backed Careers & Enterprise Company, receiving a second year of funding to take our programme to even more young people across West and South Yorkshire. In late 2017 they were delighted to be crowned 'Best in Class' at the national British Chamber Business Awards for our business and education partnerships.