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Connective Organisations

Hear how organisations get ready for the future, when the future is now.

Now more than ever, organisations must grapple with economic and political uncertainty, flat-lining productivity, disrupter technologies, all-time lows in employee engagement, escalating social and environmental concerns and multi-generational workforces. What does it take to thrive? How do organisations get ready for the future, when the future is now?

A Q5 research team is working on a global study exploring what makes some organisations more successful at this than others. We're using a range of tools, including a new Q5 app that provides a real-time evaluation of an organisation’s stage of evolution. We'll release findings in early 2019 via a report, video and global events.

What we're seeing is the emergence of a new kind of organisation, one that proactively and consistently maintains focus on reinventing who and how they are in a world characterised by frequent large-scale change and disruption.

Watch the video below to learn more. For information on our research, or to take part, contact Claire Hamlin or Phoebe Dunn at Q5.