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Great Retail Evolution

Retailers are grappling with what Multi-channel strategy means to them. Almost 10 Years ago Q5 started helping the worlds largest print media businesses transform and move to digital. We now work with up to 40 Global Retailers a year helping them redesign their organisations. Q5 are Award winning and at the forefront of organisational design.


As we enter 2018 in earnest and look ahead to what the opportunities are and how our customers will want to engage with our organisations in the future, do you have the Multi-Channel, Omni-channel Strategy that will enable your organisation to succeed? Q5 are a Global, Award winning Management consultancy firm that specialise in Organisational Design and Development. Through our team of our 200 Q5ers across our four global offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Sydney, we help Retailers and Consumer Goods companies re-engineer their businesses and help them re-invent their customer journeys.