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Zaineb Farooq

Zaineb joined Q5 as a consultant in October 2017, with previous experience in both management consultancy and industry. Her expertise covers various aspects of business transformation, including strategy, business process design, customer experience and market analysis.

Zaineb graduated with a degree in Geography with Business Management and started her career as a product manager at Vertu, the leading luxury mobile phone manufacturer of its time. She then took the step into consultancy through Accenture and worked on projects in process re-design, financial remediation, cyber security and data monetisation.

She has worked with various industries for companies ranging from Ferrari and Zegna to Microsoft, BP and some of the world’s leading Financial Services firms.

Outside of work, Zaineb likes to try out new restaurants, holiday destinations and outdoor activities. She’s slowly becoming a decent cook and would happily challenge anyone to assembling IKEA furniture.