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Building Q5’s Footprint in New Sectors

Q5 have just got onto the Management Consultancy Framework– one of only 20 firms who are preferred suppliers for HR services in the UK public sector.

How did we get here?

Q5 identified Consultancy Two as a critical opportunity 24 months ago – as we started to put emphasis on growth in this sector. We wanted to be on 2 Lots – General Management Consulting, and HR.

We watched and waited, working out what we needed to do. A complex procurement challenge emerged, requiring evidence of days worked, with scoring systems and long essay questions. We pulled together a small team, and prepared our submission. We did what we could to understand what was required. In February 2017 we submitted our response and proceeded to wait for the conclusions.

The first deadline for a decision was May. We were informed that this was pushed back a few weeks. Those weeks turned into months until finally a false dawn. Something had gone wrong with the General Management consultancy lot and was going back to square one, starting the entire procurement again. 

No news on Lot 4 – HR. A promise of an announcement in mid-October (6 weeks late). Then out of the blue, an email gives us the great news, we’ve made it on, and we’re now part of the club.

Was it worth it?

We’ve opened up a whole set of new opportunities where we want to show people what we can do. And we’re in the thick of it, rather than being kept out on the sidelines. 

Aspects of the procurement process have improved us as an organisation. We evidenced our robust approach to IT through Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation, which has made sure we are ahead of the curve for the impeding arrival of GDPR requirements. 

What does this mean for Q5?

We’re continuing to see growth at Q5. Not just from the bare numbers, although they always matter. The foundations are strong – we’ve just opened our Hong Kong office, and business growth is ahead of our offices in NY and Sydney at the same stage. We’ve seen recognition both internationally – through the Stevie Award for Professional Services Company of the Year, and in the UK – where we’ve been nominated for SME Business of the Year at the National Business Awards. 

And our public sector practice is thriving – with ongoing relationships in organisations such as HM Passport Office, the NHS and a significant new HMRC Framework.

What’s next?

Our message to the public sector has evolved. We’ve not just got great experience and people that can help transform your organisation – but you can procure us easily too.