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The inaugural Q5 olympic games

2016 is an Olympics year, and it also marks the inaugural Q5 Olympics or “Quolympics” as a prelude to this summer’s Games. This summer around 60 Q5ers including friends, family and partners all descended on our London venue (not quite as glamorous as Rio!) to take part in Q5’s very own Sports Day.

The morning's proceedings began with a series of individual events such as the long jump and welly chuck, where Q5ers exhibited varying levels of athleticism, strength and prowess. Following a brief rain delay, which threatened to spoil the second half of the day, and an early lunch, the skies began to clear.  The afternoon session saw the introduction of team events with old classics such as the egg & spoon, sack race and even the 3 legged sprint.   The stage was set for event's the ultimate finale, the tug of war, culminating in a spectacular victory for the Green team.

We had it all at the Quolympics …from sunshine and showers, tears and laughter, to giants and toddlers. Until next time…