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Masterclass in Organisation Design

Masterclasses are a great way to upskill your HR team and keep costs down during extensive periods of change. Just ask British Airways...

We have been doing Organisation Design (OD) for our clients for as long as we have been around so we’ve been able to pick up a lot of experience. As well as helping companies go through the OD process, we also partner with some clients to deliver ‘masterclasses’ where we guide HR leaders through our methodology.

When are Masterclasses most useful?

  • Best suited for large organisations with mature HR capabilities
  • Complex organizations that are going through, or about to go through, a sustained period of change that requires a lot of thought around how the organisation should best be structured to deliver against its strategy.

Developing internal OD skills is a very good way to keep costs down during extensive periods of change. It also helps to protect the company’s unique culture as the existing HR team are best placed to adapt the approach.

When we deliver masterclasses, we don’t simply dust a lecture course off a shelf. We spend time with our client to get to know their culture and priorities before we work closely with them to customise our wide range of tools create an approach that works best for our client. Once we have finalized what the contents should be, we get to work developing the masterclass itself, making sure it is delivered in an informative, insightful and inspiring way.

A great example of this is at British Airways, which faces a rapidly evolving external environment, and needs to ensure that any organisational change initiatives ‘stick’. We partnered with BA to create and deliver a series of bespoke OD masterclasses to 52 HR and business leads.

Across two days, we equipped British Airways HR leaders with a specially adapted approach and toolkit to help them improve the delivery of organisational change. We also invited leading thinkers with vast amounts of experience (including ex CEOs of and Virgin Media) to share their views. BA’s Head of Organisation Design said the Masterclass was ‘an excellent intervention, which will change the way BA approach organisational design.’

If you’re about to go through a period of sustained organizational change and would like to know more about how our Q5 Masterclasses might support you, please get in touch.


SharonRiceOxley.jpg   Sharon Rice-Oxley, Partner​