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Who we are


We are experts in organizational change, helping to build better businesses across the world 

Q5 was born in 2009 as companies around the world faced the fallout of the worst financial crisis in generations. We believed we could offer something different to help global businesses respond more effectively to the challenges confronting them, with benefits that lasted beyond the four quarters of the financial year... into 'Q5'.

From the beginning, we have provided our clients with expert analysis, created dramatic new strategies, overhauled struggling operations and made sure the right people were put in the right place. At the end of it all, deep in the Q5 DNA, was the assurance that each project would bring change that really sticks.

Q5 was set up to be nimble enough to work across different sectors and locations around the world and create results based on the specific needs of our clients, not slavishly pushing off-the-shelf solutions. We always look to bring the personal touch, building a rapport with clients that means they return time and again not because they have to, but because they want to.

We have come a long way, but will always strive to improve and keep looking for the best way to support our clients. It is this attitude that keeps us growing and getting better, and keeps our clients coming back to us.





We feel it is important to set out for our clients and staff what drives us, what we try to be and what is important to us as a company.

We never settle. We are always learning and pushing ourselves and our clients forward.
We listen to, respect and challenge each other’s views. We may not always agree and that’s fine.
We are passionate about what our clients do and we immerse ourselves in their businesses and cares. We serve the best interests of their businesses. No exceptions.
We are leaders and self-starters. We try new things, we challenge convention and we are not afraid to fail.
We work together to get things done. We look out for one another and we are all invested in building our future together.
We bring our true selves to work. We are honest, straightforward and as transparent as we can be.