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Benefits of a great employer brand

Today’s war for talent is being won by talent.  Increasingly, it’s not just about what your candidate can offer you, but what you can offer them. To attract the best people, whilst holding onto your most talented employees, you need to know what it is that makes your organisation unique, and why people want to come to work in the morning. In other words, you need to understand your ‘employer brand’.

You already have an employer brand, whether you are aware of it or not. It includes things like your culture and management style, the rewards and development opportunities you offer, and your image and values.

A clear benefit of a great employer brand is better recruitment and retention of talent, but our clients have also seen improvements in other areas, such as: 

  • Increased productivity as a result of improved continuity and stability 
  • Reduced HR costs, particularly internal recruitment and onboarding 
  • Strengthened brand – ‘standing out’ from competitors  
Tips on where to start
Who will be responsible for owning your employer brand?

Agree within your organisation who owns the responsibility for your employer brand – be it the Senior Leadership Team, HR, Marketing, or anyone else.

What makes you different?

Consider your organisation as a whole and define what makes it different to anywhere else. Once you’ve done this, it’s easier to assess whether your employer brand is reflected through each of your employee touchpoints – like your website, the interview experience and first day.

What do people love about working for you?

Your employer brand needs to be driven by authenticity, so engage everyone across your organisation and ask them what it is that they love about working there. Take care to ensure that you have ways of absorbing feedback and that you are in control of your key message.

Do your organisation's purpose, values and employer brand align?

Your employer brand and organisation brand should form a virtuous circle and complement each other. The more aligned and engaged your workforce, the better your service will be.

Our team of consultants, based in London, New York and Sydney work with a huge range of organisations, across industry sectors.  We have vast experience of helping clients evaluate, define and strengthen their employer brand – equipping them with bespoke tools and models that can be re-used for years to come.