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Tasso Papachatgis

Tasso Papachatgis is an award winning global business growth Director and former seasoned CEO who has a passion to drive change initiatives focussed on improving sustainable profitable financial and team performance.  

Importantly, Tasso's broad industry success has been achieved through his approach to overcoming barriers to growth with a real rigorous responsive approach to the identified challenges of a growing dynamic business. This coupled with successful redesigning of businesses and their models in doing business has resulted in his past roles and clients profit challenges and revenue growth objectives successfully being met and frequently exceeded. He has strategic passionate interests in assisting in the building of effective engaged successful teams that consistently deliver and grow within a maximised dynamically designed business. 

Having completed an MBA, he enjoys developing Executive Leaders and their teams to be the best they can be and effectively mentors and works with Boards and Leadership Executive team members to ensure the required strategic intent is widely understood and delivered. This passion along with his proven track record in driving the combined guiding change principles of ownership and operational challenges is his specialisation.