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Case study

Global auction house

What was the challenge?

A prestigious and historic auction house, asked Q5 to help transform its global business. A new division had been created to develop a new way to serve 'top clients': to allow art specialists to better support the art collectors and high net worth individuals who make up the customer base,

What we did

Across a number of different projects we collaborated with client strategy teams in London, New York and around the world, and the group’s marketing operations.

We helped the division redefine their purpose and clarify key responsibilities, developing a new model that more effectively matched top clients to the most appropriate specialist or salesperson, who could manage the client's interactions with the business.

Q5 defined with the team what data was needed to make decisions, which key questions to ask to work out the best way of looking after the client, and the selection criteria. We looked at the rules and conventions in place for looking after the top clients and how it could be made more efficient.

What was the outcome?

We created a plan that reallocated salespeople and specialists across the top clients in the organisation, and revolutionised the way we could service their needs.  We tackled internal governance and simplified the complicated internal operation previously in place.

We clarified and refocused the responsibility for the client strategy team to deliver for the business. The most experienced arts specialists were looking after fewer high-value clients, but could have deeper relationships.

We drew up a clean action plan then got out of the way so the internal could implement it themselves over the following year. 

At the same time we worked helped the global Marketing organisation move from complicated global teams focusing on specific art categories to a simpler regional model. The result was a costed structure with new roles and responsibilities, greater control of spending and a more sophisticated use of marketing resources.